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The SMCBA is thrilled to offer the The Printed Circuit Engineering Professional curriculum including PCEA Certified Printed Circuit Designer (CPCD)!

The Printed Circuit Engineering Professional curriculum teaches a knowledge base and develops a competency for the profession of printed circuit engineering layout, based on current technology trends. It also provides ongoing reference material for continued development in the profession.

PCEA_logo.jpgThe Printed Circuit Engineering Association™ (PCEA) is an international network of engineers, designers, fabricators and assemblers whose mission is to promote printed circuit engineering as a profession.

Recommended for both an engineering/layout beginner and a great refresher for the seasoned professional, this class covers the fundamentals of schematic capture, signal constraints, component placement, routing, flex, HDI, documentation, signal integrity application, and post processing. This curriculum continues beyond these core principles to encompass a complete understanding of all the elements that go into the fabrication, assembly, and test of a printed circuit board. This program will utilize a textbook that can be referenced throughout a professional career covering all the elements that go into the development of printed circuit boards. It is important to understand the nuances of design circuitry, incorporating them into the latest and ever evolving processes and techniques used in manufacturing. Armed with this knowledge and expertise, designers can work to elevate their skill levels and prepare them to develop reliable next generation printed circuit boards with low cost and high yield. This program has been carefully crafted by some of the most recognized industry leaders in the printed circuit engineering/design world and allows attendees to capitalize on their experience and expertise gained through decades of design problem solving.


The textbook is sent in advance and read prior to the lectured review which would be available to the student in a one week format of day classes, instructor led and online.  This is followed by an exam with a lifetime certification that is recognized by the PCEA Trade Association.


The fee for the Printed Circuit Engineering Professional including PCEA CPCD includes all materials for the course, postage and CPCD exam fee.

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