PCEA Training Courses

The Printed Circuit Engineering Professional curriculum teaches a knowledge base and develops a competency for the profession of printed circuit engineering layout, based on current technology trends. It also provides ongoing reference material for continued development in the profession.

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PCEA Training Course Information

To teach the principles set forth in the Printed Circuit Engineering Professional curriculum, PCEA Training offers a five-day course covering the basics of the profession, materials, manufacturing methods and processes; circuit definition and capture; board layout data and placement; circuit routing and interconnection; signal-integrity and EMI applications; flex PCBs; documentation and manufacturing preparation; and advanced electronics (energy movement in circuits, transmission lines, etc.).

The emphasis of the PCEA Training curriculum is on real-world engineering and design, not pie-in-the-sky theory. Students are taught facts and principles in a tool-agnostic way. 

On completion, candidates may sit the Certified Printed Circuit Designer (CPCD) exam.