Mastercut Technologies

Mastercut Technologies is an Australian owned and operated company specialising in the manufacture of solder paste stencils. Mastercut manufactures and supplies: 

  • Laser cut stainless steel stencils
  • Chemically etched stencils
  • Precision thin metal parts

Mastercut Technologies can also supply laser cut polymer stencils as an excellent alternative to more expensive and less durable electroformed nickel stencils.

Mastercut Technologies uses the most advanced and accurate equipment available and has a significant investment in supplying the Australian and New Zealand markets with the best product available. Mastercut Technologies is a dynamic company, continually liasing with customers to ensure the best possible service is being provided for individual customer needs. It is our goal to provide the highest quality product available and offer a full range of stencil products and technologies to suit present and future needs of customers.

Technical Information: Laser cut stencils:

  • Apertures cut are trapezoidal in shape, to optimise paste release.
  • Stencils are manufactured with the best possible materials available.
  • All laser cut stencils are electropolished. This reduces aperture wall roughness and further improves paste release.
  • Fast turn-around times.

Chemically etched stencils:
· Perfect low cost option for manufacturing circuit boards with no fine-pitch components.

Mastercut Technologies also specialises in photo chemical milling of precision thin metal parts. Mastercut can offer the electronics assembly industry a flexible range of thin metal parts in various materials such as: 

  • Custom RF shielding cans, with or without removable lids. Materials in brass or copper and can be supplied tin-plated.
  • Copper heat sinks.
  • Connecting busbars in copper or brass.
  • Complex connectors in brass, copper beryllium, copper and phosphor bronze. Connectors can be supplied tin or gold plated.
  • Stainless steel faceplates for control panels with all apertures for LEDs, mounting and ventilation holes, switches and gages, engraved graduations graphics and text.
  • Prototyping service for short test runs is available.