Marque Magnetics

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Custom Wire-wound Magnetic Solutions 

Marque Magnetics is a local designer and manufacturer of wire-wound components including transformers, inductors, chokes and air coils. Typicallly our products are used in modern electronic applications ranging from power supplies to communications. Our product offering covers both iron core mains styles and high frequency ferrite models in leaded, through-hole and SMD topologies. 

We have 6 engineering staff on hand to help with designs and we own our own manufacturing facilities. In Auckland our plant specialises in rapid prototyping and small production runs. Our two plants in China produce volume runs above 1,000 pieces. We find this mix gives us the sort of flexibility required in this market you have a choice of which way to go when developing your product. Our strength is in solving problems, rather than replacing standard catalogue parts. The typical approach to a new design is one where, once the project is identified, it is passed to our engineering team who finalise the specification, build prototypes and confirm pricing. At this stage, it is back to Sales for finalising with you, the customer. We encourage your direct communication with the relevant people in our organisation throughout this evolution. We find this policy reduces errors and speeds up the process for you. 

Marque Magnetics are ISO9001:2000 certified and also holds an ISO 13485:2003 certification for the design and manufacture of medical products. These certifications are supported by a full-time Quality Manager. 

What does this mean for you?

  • Direct access to local engineering support in our time-zone and language
  • Understanding of local regulations and standards
  • Reliable repeatable parts, no matter where they are manufactured
  • Rapid samples or small volume production runs
  • Scalable production runs from pieces to hundreds of thousands along with proportional and competitive pricing 

    What to do next?

    Give us a call or send an email. If you have a current design that needs a tweak or a rough concept that needs completing, we have the capabilities to bring it to a conclusion in a short time frame.