2024 Conference- Mike Creeden

Michael R. Creeden CID+

Founder, San Diego PCB Designs

Three Mutually Required and Competing Perspectives for Printed Circuit Engineering Success: Solvability, Performance, and Manufacturability

Overview: Design For X:
• DFSolvability - Solving dense and miniature (HDI) High Density Interconnect
• DFPerformance - Performance issues for EMI/EMC and (SI) Signal Integrity used on (HSD) High Speed Digital and (RF) Radio Frequencies
• DFManufacturability - Manufacturability, Reliability, and Producibility

Attendees will walk away with real world applications for success. They will receive an understanding of how to implement proactive solutions rather than reactive responses. Meeting these competing perspectives without compromising any one of them must be considered because they all play a part in the design, manufacturing, and performance of our end products. The focus will be on practical application and implementation using real world examples.

Entrepreneur, Industry Management, or Subject Matter Expert? What’s your aspiration?

One is not better than the other, and not everyone is suited for each of these roles.
We all have thoughts, goals, and plans to find our professional fulfillment and personal satisfactions within our careers. Do we understand what it takes to achieve these goals?
There are three basic methods to achieve financial independence:
• Man (Human M&F) making money
• Men (Human M&F plural) making money
• Money Making Money
Let’s explore all three types of career roles and examine your aspirations to see what it takes to achieve any of these roles of Entrepreneur, Industry Management, or Subject Matter Expert.

Mike’s 48 years industry experience as a Business Owner, Educator, Public Speaker, PCB Design SME, and Applications Engineer.
• Founder, Executive Board Member – (PCEA) Printed Circuit Engineering Association
• Founder, Author, and Instructor - PCE-Edu 2021 (CPCD) Certified PC Designer
• IPC Committee Chairperson IPC 2221/2222 Standards
• Prior Master Instructor CID+ IPC Designer Certification program
• Founder, San Diego PCB Designs (Nationally recognized design center)
• Insulectro - Technical Director Design Education; helping OEM’s & fabricators to achieve design success for best material utilization
• Lifetime PCB Designer, all phases, and technologies

Mike C