The Australian SMT Association was formed in 1988 and in 1990 its name was changed to the Surface Mount and Circuit Board Association after the PCB Industry Interest Group joined with the Association.


To facilitate the development of the electronics industry in our region to be world competitive and recognised as a unified, skilled and co-operative industry.


To expand and enhance the electronics industry by:

  • Raising the industry's awareness to technological developments
  • Providing opportunities for technology transfer
  • Encouraging co-operation between members and other interested groups, national and international
  • Influencing Governments and Regulatory Authorities
  • Developing the skills and knowledge of our members


  • To publicise and further the interest of the surface mount, circuit board and related industries through the dissemination of reports, technical information and publications by the conduct of conferences and symposia.
  • To assist industry in the adoption of advanced technologies.
  • To assist and Co-operate with other organisations and associations where such is in the best interests of the SMCBA and the industry
  • To encourage cooperation within the industry and promote high standards and innovation.
  • To provide a forum for industry representatives to discuss matters of interest to the industry.
  • To disseminate information on product definition, classification and standards for products and processes relevant to the printed circuit board manufacturing and assembly industries.
  • To provide a means for collection and dissemination of information of special interest to members in areas such as research and development, marketing, government and regulatory agency actions, industrial relations, component and equipment availability.
  • To represent industry interests to government and regulatory agencies and to other industry governing bodies.


Membership of the SMCBA is available to all those interested and involved in printed board assembly, fabrication and design, marketing, sales, technology transfer and education, technical support and related areas.


The Association operates on a national basis with an Executive Committee comprising 11 dedicated people representing a cross section of the industry. The Secretary of the SMCBA Anthony Tremellen, coordinates the services and activities of the Association.


The SMCBA produces a monthly newsletter "Pick 'N' Place" which is distributed only to members. Details of any technical advancements and Member information are included in newsletter mailings. Information received from affiliated overseas associations and publishers will also be distributed to members. SMCBA Members also receive a copy of the SMT Magazine courtesy of IHS Publishing as part of their membership.

Technical meetings are held on a regular basis which feature a guest presenter followed by an industry forum to discuss current issues and provide an avenue for problem solving.

A major conference is held each year featuring international presenters and an exhibition of equipment, components, services etc. Members of the SMCBA receive discounted rates and preferential entry to SMCBA sponsored programs.

The Association sources magazines and books of interest to members.

The SMCBA is a Technical Liaison member of the IPC - Association Connecting Electronics Industries and also sponsors two representatives on the IPC's Surface Mount Council. The Association also has an agreement with the IPC for the distribution of IPC documents in Australia and the conduct of IPC workshops and the SMCBA is the Australasian Affiliate of the IPC Designers Council.

The publishers of Global SMT and Packaging Magazine make this available to our members by download.

The Technical Committee of the SMCBA collects information for dissemination and publication and liaises with other national and international industry associations and institutions. The Committee will also assist members with technical enquiries.

The SMCBA is an International Affiliate of the SMTA (USA) and SMCBA members can purchase SMTA publications through the SMCBA. This affiliation also provides another source of technical information and enables SMCBA members to attend SMTA events such as SMTA International at SMTA member prices.

An Information Centre and Library has been established for the use of members and the Association is collecting technical publications, training videos and other information for its members. The SMCBA also publishes an Electronics Assembly Directory and a Suppliers Guide and a Design Services Guide.


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