Omnitron Technologies

Contact: Alistair Smart

Omnitron Technologies is a progressive electronics engineering company supplying products and services to an extensive range of industries, encompassing many different disciplines and applications.

  • System and product design.
  • Research, logistical assessment and feasibility studies.
  • Part evaluation and procurement. 
  • Schematic capture and editing (including CAD library development). 
  • System, circuit simulation and analysis (including Spice, fault analysis, RF/microwave and LF electromagnetics). 
  • Embedded design, microprocessor/microcontroller development, inc DSP, FPGA, EPLD design and development & debugging. 
  • PCB layout/design (IPC Certified). 
  • Mechanical CAD, panel and decal design.
  • Prototype metalwork and machining. 
  • Surface Mount Technology prototype and short run assembly (extensive selection of components stocked). 
  • EMC pre-compliance simulation, testing and troubleshooting.
  • Bench and field testing, engineering evaluation and analysis.
  • Organizing and liaising with external contractors for volume production requirements.
  • System commissioning.
  • Technical documentation.
  • Customer support in all aspects.
Experience in a broad spectrum of electronic fields:
  • Analogue circuits and systems – micro-power & precision.
  • Digital circuits and systems – low speed through to multi-GHz switching.
  • Industrial systems, instrumentation, signal processing, measurement & control.
  • Motion Control and Robotics - servo systems, actuators, motor drivers.
  • Radio Communications - Telemetry, LF and HF RFID & remote control.
  • Video, Cinematographic and Theatrical Systems.
  • Power supplies, control and measurement circuits & systems.
  • Projects with unusual applications or uniquely demanding specifications.
  • Design and manufacture of specialised equipment and products tailored to YOUR requirements.
Specialized areas and products:
  • Geotechnical & environmental monitoring instruments.
  • Geophysical survey instruments.
  • Mine-site monitoring and processing systems, through earth sub-surface transmitters and receivers.
  • Film & Television camera and SFX equipment.