Baskiville.Com Ltd

Products: holds a large number of franchises supporting the electronic industry including PACE, Desco, Europlacer and many more. Please check out our Suppliers page for a full list. We supply soldering/desoldering equipment and products, Fume Extraction, Anti-static bags, Placement machines, Grounding products, Matting and Chemicals to name just a few. 

Our mission is to provide outstanding Products to our clients at competitive prices with exceptional service. We believe that the customer truly does come first, and we pride ourselves on building personal relationships with our many clients. Our focus is on supporting our industry by carrying high levels of stock, therefore being able to supply on demand and reducing waiting time for products.

We excel in sourcing new products - our reputation being if we don’t have it – we will find it! 

We are a well established company of 30 years and lead the way supplying electronic equipment.