The SMCBA is thrilled to have globally recognised presenter Susy Webb, Snr PCB Designer at Design Science PCB, present selected PCB Design workshops live stream from the USA

Susy is a real favourite with SMCBA members and will be presenting some more of her excellent classes for us - in AEST of course! Susy is unable to make it to Australia, she has agreed to present from Hawaii in order to be as close as possible to our time zone.


Tuesday 6th September

8:30am AEST 

Part Placement Choices and Consequences 

There are many ways to place parts on any board, but clearly some ways work better for physics, electrical, and mechanical purposes. If a new board works electrically but won’t interface properly with the rest of its system, it may require costly and time consuming re-design and re-testing. Designers must understand the board, electrical and system needs, as well as typical placement and routing guidelines and the consequences of not adhering to them. When they understand the reasoning behind these things, and the affects they have on one another, designers will intuitively know how to make good decisions for their own board designs, and so avoid problems. In this presentation, we will discuss choosing effective parts, approximate order of overall placement, placement to set up routing, board and system consequences, manufacturability and more.

12:30 AEST

Routing Digital Boards - The way signals are routed is important!

There are many ways to route a PC Board, with some being much more effective for the signals than others. The first design rule is that the board must work properly, so it is important to have a plan that addresses good signal quality and crosstalk control, no matter what the frequency. In this presentation, we will start with a bit of the science to set up the reasoning for routing a certain way, then moving into return current and impedance control, with a discussion of what affects those things. Starting route with an effective fanout plan sets up what is to come, and we will also explore general routing priorities and concerns. To avoid problems, there are routing schemes that will be addressed, along with spacing, differential pair routing and length matching. Lastly, the pros and cons of hand routing, semi-automation and autorouting will be examined.

Details and Registration

$200 exGST, per person, per class OR $375 exGST p.p for both classes.

For enrollment, expressions of interest and quotes, please contact Anthony or Courtney of SMCBA at;

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