Part 1 - Wednesday September 15 7:30am AEST

Part 2 - Thursday September 16 7:30am AEST

Susy Webb – Snr PCB Designer at Design Science PCB, live stream from the USA

“PCB Design for Engineers”  a full-day class over 2 mornings that will feature an overview of the entire processes of board design from an engineering perspective. To begin, we will have a conversation about how the electronics and physics are involved and why controlling rise time, field energy, and transmission lines are extremely important to the signals on the board. Placement will be discussed next, with order, flow, and setting up potential routing being some of those topics. The planes and stackup structure will play a major role in the quality of the design and impedance control, especially if the design is high speed. Plane and capacitor placement are a large part of power distribution, as well. The way signals are routed and how their return current is created is critical their performance. We will discuss fanouts, using grids, the signal flow from layer to layer, layer paired routing and spacing and HDI.
All these topics will include information on signal integrity, EMI and impedance control, to make a board that works well from the beginning. Many aspects of making a board manufacturable also help to make it less expensive, so an examination of that will wrap the technical things up, followed by information on the pros and cons of hand routing vs auto routing and the quality of board that is possible with that.

Registration is required and includes FREE single-day registration to the SMCBA Conference and Electronex Expo April 5-6, 2022.

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