Friday September 17

7:30am AEST

Susy Webb – Snr PCB Designer at Design Science PCB, live stream from the USA

“Best DFM Practices for Board Engineers”  a half-day class.  There is so much more to board design than placing parts and connecting the signals electrically! Those who design the board can make a HUGE impact on the ease of fabrication and assembly just by the practices they put into place as they work. Knowledge and use of standard (best) practices, whether IPC or company standards, ensures that what is sent to the manufacturer will be understood and incorporated with minimal questions, and that can be a real time and cost savings. In this class, we will talk about good practices for building footprints, how parts might be placed for manufacturability, routing practices that are helpful, trace widths and spacings that are producible, a stackup structure that can realistically get the impedance and signal return needed, and documentation for the manufacturer that is complete and understandable. This presentation is not about how to build a board, but rather about the practical things the board engineer can do to help make fabrication and assembly easier and therefore increase yields and lower the cost for all.

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