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Jasbir Bath

Bath Consultancy LLC

Jasbir has over 25 years of experience in research, design, development and implementation in the areas of soldering, surface mount and packaging technologies. He began his engineering career as a technical officer at the International Tin Research Institute (ITRI) in the UK. In 1998 he joined Flex/Solectron as a corporate lead engineer specialising in soldering materials, processes and components. In 2008 he formed his own company providing process consulting and training services to the electronics manufacturing industry. He is a Support Advisory Engineer with Koki Solder Americas, Inc.. He has been involved with the INEMI Board Assembly Roadmap for over 10 years and is currently the Vice President of Technical Programs for the SMTA (Surface Mount Technology Association) Silicon Valley (San Jose) chapter. He is the recipient of the SMTA Excellence in Leadership Award and is the editor of 5 books on lead-free manufacturing and reliability. He has BS and MS degrees in Materials Science from the University of Manchester, England.

SMT Process Development - Thursday May 11:

Main Topics:

  • Common Solder Paste Printing Problems
  • Optimizing solder print volumes to reduce defects
  • Print DOEs (Design of Experiments)
  • Common Reflow Soldering Problems
  • Optimizing reflow soldering processes to reduce defects
  • Reflow DOEs (Design of Experiments) with examples for factors relevant to ICT
  • Optimising Preheat/Soak temperature and time
  • Optimising Reflow temperature and time: Reducing Delta T across the product board
  • The use of Nitrogen/ inert atmosphere during reflow
  • Voiding occurrence and reduction