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Cheryl Tulkoff

Design for Excellence SME

Cheryl is an accomplished and active SMT professional who has elected to relocate from the US to Australia while her husband completes a Masters degree at the University of Adelaide.  With a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering and Master of Science in Technology Commercialization along with many years experience in quality, manufacturing and reliability engineering, Cheryl is a highly regarded presenter, consultant and author.  A long-time volunteer with IPC and SMTA, Cheryl has a long list of memberships, certifications and recognitions, including:

  • ASQ Senior Member
  • IEEE Senior Member
  • SMTA Speaker of Distiction and Member of Technical Distinction
  • IPC Committe Leadership Award for IPC-2231

You can find out more about Cheryl here: LinkedIn

"Design for Excellence in Electronics Manufacturing", co-authored by Cheryl is available here: Wiley

Keynote Address Topics for Wednesday May 10:

  • The importance of electronics technology sovereignty for Australia's economic and national security interests.
  • The risks of relying too heavily on foreign electronics technology, including potential vulnerabilities and limitations on innovation and competitiveness.
  • The current state of Australia's electronics technology industry, including its strengths and weaknesses, and potential areas for growth and investment.
  • The challenges and opportunities of transitioning to a more self-sufficient electronics technology industry in Australia, including potential benefits for job creation and economic growth, as well as potential costs and trade-offs.
  • The importance of collaboration and partnerships between industry, government, and academic institutions to drive innovation and ensure the long-term sustainability and competitiveness of Australia's electronics technology sector.
  • Examples of successful electronics technology sovereignty initiatives and strategies from other countries, and potential lessons for Australia.
  • The role of education and workforce development in building a skilled and innovative electronics technology workforce in Australia, and potential strategies for addressing current skill shortages and improving the diversity and inclusivity of the industry.