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September 5, 2018 - One Day Workshop

Design for Manufacturability and Reliability

Date: Wednesday September 5 2018

Time: 8.00 am registration for 8.30 am start   Finish 5.30 pm approx


1.  Design for Manufacturability

There are challenges in electronics manufacturing to improve manufacturing yield with the

variety of components being assembled on the board. The course will cover board pad design

for a variety of components including chip components, BGA/CSP components,

BTC/MLF/QFN/LGA components and lead-frame components and look at their affect on manufacturing

yield with reference to various IPC and related industry standards and

evaluations done in industry. It will also discuss soldering materials, and their influence on process yield.

Topics Covered

  • Board Design
  • Soldering Materials
  • Manufacturing Yield

2.  Design for Reliability

In electronics manufacturing the affect of design on the reliability of the electronic product is an area for improvement. The course will cover the effects that board pad design, component type and location on the board, solder joint volume and type, board finish and component finish affect reliability.  References will be made to various IPC and related industry standards and evaluations done in industry to determine reliability.

Topics Covered

  • Component Types
  • Solder Joint Volume
  • Board and Component Finishes
  • Reliability Tests in Industry and Case Studie

The Presenter:

Jasbir Bath

Bath Consultancy LLC

Jasbir has over 20 years of experience in research, design, development and implementation in the areas of soldering, surface mount and packaging technologies.  He has extensive knowledge of soldering tecnologies and in 2012 was appointed as principal engineer within IPC's assembly technology area. 

He began his engineering career as a technical office at the International Tin Research Institute (ITRI) in the UK.  In 1998 he joined Flextronics/Solectron as a lead engineer specialising in soldering materials, processes and components.  In 2008 he formed his own company providing process consulting and training services to he electronics manufacturing industry.

Jasbir has contributed to four books on lead-free manufacturing and has worked closely with IPC's Solder Products Value Council (SPVC) to develop process and reliability data and he served on an IPC Blue Ribbon Committee to develop the IPC Lead-free Process Certification Site Audit Program.  He holds BS and MS degrees in materials science from the University of Manchester England.