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September 5, 2018 - Half Day Workshop

Designing BEYOND Simulation –

There’s so Much More You Can Do!

Date: Wednesday September 5 2018

Time: 8.00 am registration for 8.30 am start   Finish 12.30 pm


Simulation is a great tool…. But it’s not the only tool for predicting a high quality board that has low noise, good signal integrity, is manufacturable, and performs well while in service. In this presentation, we will show how the designer’s knowledge of basic electronics and physics can also be used to understand how the signals will actually flow and return within the board structure. We will discuss how to control that high frequency energy with spacing, planes, stackup, and layer paired routing. Even if signals are not designated as impedance controlled signals, controlling their impedance throughout helps to control reflections, crosstalk, false triggering, and EMI (noise). Parts can be placed and routing can be done in a manner that will also help to control EMI. The power and ground distribution can be carefully planned with capacitor and plane placement so that the design will be able to handle the power needs of the parts while in operation. We will go over all these things to suggest how to get the best possible results from the board layout.

The Presenter:

Susy Webb

Senior PCB Designer, Design Science (USA)

Susy Webb is a senior PCB designer with 37 years of experience. Her career includes experience in coastal and oceanographic oil exploration and monitoring equipment, point-to-point microwave network systems, and CPCI and ATX computer motherboards. She has set up company standards, documentation, procedures, and library conventions for several companies. Webb is a regular speaker at the PCB, IPC and international Design conferences, and consults for individual companies as well. Her presentations discuss practical implementation of complex engineering concepts into board layout, and methods to improve the overall design and flow of printed circuit boards. She is CID certified and a former writer/columnist for Printed Circuit Design and Fab magazine. Webb is also an active member of the IPC Designer’s Council Executive Board and Education Committee, and is a member and past president of the Houston Chapter of the IPC Designer’s Council.